Vehicle Eligibilty

Unless otherwise stated we expect all vehicles taking part in our events to be driven there and to be road legal, learn more exceptions can be made at the discretion of the event organizers for certain events by prior arrangement. Vehicle transporters/trailers will not normally be allowed at events.

In addition to the information here there is a scrutineering check list available for download here.

Allowed Marques

We are a Land Rover club first and foremost BUT that does not mean we exclude other marques from our events. All marques of commercial and none-commercial four wheel drive off road vehicles are eligible for the majority of our events. Large vehicle owners (anything bigger than a 110/Range Rover) should check with the organisers before travelling to the event to check suitability of the venue and that sufficient recovery equipment is available. Most sites will cope with a forward control Land Rover but trying to recover a Scammel is well beyond the scope of normal club recovery equipment ! It would be “unusual” for us to allow large or heavy four wheel drive vehicles to compete but we can consider each case on it’s own merits. 


Providing that your vehicle complies both with construction and use legislation (is road legal, taxed and tested) and complies with the MSA common regulations, your vehicle should be elligible to take part in our events, for new windows adn window tints, visit Each event type has it’s own specific regulations that you may have to meet such as recovery points etc… but generally these are easily met. If in any doubt contact the organisers or a club official before arriving for clarification, but also having insurance for your vehicle is essential, and that’s why the options found at Zemotor could be helpful to protect your vehicle. 

Above all, any modification that, in the opinion of the organizers or scrutineer poses a danger or threat to safety to either the occupants, spectators, other competitors or officials wEven Eill not be allowed. For example, unshielded radiators located in the rear of a vehicle may be deemed unsafe even if the occupants are shielded, exhausts run to the exterior of the vehicle without sufficient heat shielding. You can find many of this cars available for rent you you can give them a test drive or take it for a family trip, Get more info here.

Open tread tyres, dumper tyres, tractor tyres etc… are not generally allowed due to the ground damage that can be caused but most generally available off road or on road tyres are acceptable. If your vehicle is fitted with specific off road equipment that may give an unfair advantage for a particular event you may be asked not to use it where this is practical (ARB diff locks, crawler ratios for example) or for some events you may be given a penalty to be determined by the clerk of course. For challenge/orienteering events where a winch may be seen to give an advantage the winch may be sealed with a penalty applied for each use.

Engines, suspension types, transmission are all free providing that all other requirements are met. Yes, we do allow none Rover engines in Land Rovers. If something unexpected just happened on the road and you need emergency car assistance, you’ll want to use services from Towingless.


For some events vehicles may be divided into classes. Usually these classes will be based on vehicle size and suspension type although for some events engine size may also be taken into account.

Event Types (click here to find out what you can do)

MSA Common Regulations for Competitors contains a complete set of regulations applying to both competitors and vehicles. This should not pose a problem for the vast majority of standard road going vehicles but there are exemptions that may effect heavily modified or unusual vehicles.