Entering an off road trial

Off road trials are probably the simplest, most accessible form of motor sport available. All you need is a road legal 4×4 vehicle with an off road bias. A set of mud tyres is advisable but not required.


You need a taxed and tested 4×4 to compete on our events – all vehicles must be driven to the event on the public road, no trailered vehicles are allowed. This is aimed at keeping everyone on a level playing field, keeping the sport as accessible as possible.


You need a full driving license for the vehicle you are entering the event with. You will also need to be a member of the Yorkshire Off Road Club or an invited club.
You will need to hold a Motorsports UK license (RS Clubman License) which is available free of charge from here:


To enter an event simply use our online booking in the events section and add the event to your basket. You can also add membership to your basket if needed. Events appear in this section approximately 2 weeks before the event date. Check the future events page to see what events are planned.

Signing On

In order to activate your insurance for the event, among other things, all competitors and front seat passengers must complete a “signing on” declaration form. To simplify this we have an online system that asks you the minimal number of questions and fills the form in for you and sends it to the club for our records.
You can sign on here

On the day !

A map to the event, along with directions, are included with the event details so, hopefully, you’ll be able to find the venue. If in doubt, ask !

  1. Scrutineering – your vehicle is checked to ensure it’s safe to compete in. Normally if there are any issues these can be fixed on the spot with the help of club members.
  2. Driver’s briefing – once everyone’s vehicle has been scrutineered, the clerk of course will give everyone a brief update on the event and anything you need to know. The running order will also be announced so you know who you will be following for the day.
  3. The trial – All vehicles will proceed to the first trial section of the day after the briefing and, after walking the course first, you’ll then drive the section when it’s your turn. After each section is completed you will drive to the start of the next section and, other than a break for lunch, that’s how the day will progress.
  4. The scores – As we are now using online scoring, the results for the day will be announced after all the sections are completed, usually in the parking area.