Covid-19 Signing on procedure

All competitors and officials must sign on prior to the event by completing and submitting a form. The forms are in a pdf format and most PDF reading software will allow you to complete the form and save it. To try and make this process simpler and more reliable we’ve created a “wizard” to help, see below. We cannot allow anyone not listed on a submitted form entry to the site on the day of the event, no exceptions.


You must complete a form for each person in the vehicle, one for the driver, one for the front seat passenger. Note that competitors under the age of 18 do not require a license but a form must be completed and signed by a guardian.


All officials and marshals must complete a declaration form and submit it to the club prior to the event.

You can use the application below to create the pdf document from your information. Once you have reviewed and are happy with the generated pdf form, use the submit button at the bottom of the pdf preview to send the form to us. Please ensure all details are correct.