Briercliffe Trial, 9th June 2024




PLEASE NOTE: In addition to booking the event you and any front seat passenger will need to “sign on” to activate your insurance for the event. To simplify this you can sign on using our online form:
Signing On

Event Type

This is a trials competition run primarily for road going vehicles and is intended to be none damaging (RTV Trial). As with all our trials you should be able to drive to the trial, compete and drive home again afterwards. You will have the chance to walk each section and novices will get to see other vehicles drive it first. A guide to entering and competing in trials is available here…
Trial Information…
Scrutineering starts at 9.15am, closing at 10am with the trial starting by 10.30am, please see the directions for information on the meeting point.
This site is a mix of open moorland and a stone quarry. As always the sections will be set to suit the vehicles taking part so please book early so we can give the setting out crew an idea of what vehicles to expect so they can set out accordingly.
This event is being run under an MSA permit. Full SR’s for the event can be supplied on request. An extract of the most relevant parts is given below. You will need to be a member of the YORC or an invited club to take part (YLROC and ALRC are invited), you must also have completed or be named on a declaration form. You will also need a Motorsport UK license, available for free from here…

Event Regulation Summary

  • Only one passenger aged over 16 may be carried on a vehicle during an observed section. This minimum age is reduced to 14 providing the vehicle is fitted with seat belts and either a manufacturers hard top, truck cab or a roll bar. The minimum age is further reduced to 12 where the vehicle is a road legal, mass produced production vehicle retaining the original hardtop or truck cab and where the seat belts comply with K2.1.1 (In a soft top vehicle without a roll bar the passenger must be at least 16) (P41.1.13).
  • The passenger shall be properly seated, the seat backs shall be upright and the seats adequately fixed. All occupants must wear an approved seat belt at all times. No passenger to be carried in the rear of the vehicle.
  • The same driver must drive throughout a competition and except with official approval, the people carried at the start of an event must not change during the event (P25.2).
  • The starting order will be allocated by the clerk of course (D10.1.9).
The following regulations are amended as stated
  • J5.20.4 Seat belts are mandatory
  • P60.2.2 Towing points need not be painted in a contrasting colour
  • P41.2.3 Competition numbers need not be displayed
  • P56.6 The use of TUV Approved hub adapters/wheel spacers up to a maximum of 30mm depth are allowed
  • P56.8.2 None OE Torque biasing and locked differential are permitted
  • J5.20.5 Fixed cameras/videos carried on board a vehicle are subject to written approval of the Organisers and of the Chief Scrutineer
  • J5.20.6 Vehicles of a commercial type are allowed
  • J56.7.1 A spare wheel and tyre need not be carried
Entries will be divided into classes based on wheel-base and suspension type.
Class 1: Leaf sprung under 100” wheel base
Class 2: Leaf sprung, 100” wheel base and over
Class 3: Coil Sprung under 100” wheel base
Class 4: Coil sprung, 100” wheel base and over
Class 5: Trailered vehicle
If you are unsure or need any clarification, please contact Dave or Matthew.


Grid ref: SD 892 345

Postcode BB10 3PN should get you close to the Shay Lane junction. Click here for a map showing the location


These directions were correct the last time we visited the site… which was a few years ago, please check the map before you set off !

From the M65 leave at junction 12 and turn towards Burnley then turn left at the B&Q roundabout.
After 100 mtrs. turn right at next roundabout onto A682 (towards Burnley) for about three quarters of a mile to the traffic lights.
Turn left into Halifax Road, up the steep hill, past the Snowball pub until you get to a cross roads (Lane End pub on your right).
Go straight across and up the hill `till you come to a T junction, turn right onto Nelson Road.
After about half a mile at the cross roads (Sun Inn & Hare & Hounds) keep straight on, proceed with caution as the road is very narrow.
Half a mile, after crossing a river, then going sharp left between houses, the main road turns a sharp right. You should KEEP STRAIGHT ON into Shay Lane. (If you come to the Roggerham Gate pub on your left, you have missed Shay Lane).
Keep straight on, across a cattle grid and then just before going into the farm yard turn left along the track to the quarry.