Directional Vents

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Directional Vents

Postby davew » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:17 pm

I have some 3D printed directional vents for sale at £40 per pair with a 25% discount for club members when collected from an event/club night. Just let me know beforehand if you want some as it takes around 6 hours to print a pair.

These replace the defender under dash vent outlets and allow you to direct the airflow by rotating the air vent to any position. Pointing at the side window for delisting, your hands/face for warmth/cooling etc... Have had these fitted in mine for a while now and they work really well.

The pivot point incorporates a spring which provides tension so the vent stays pointing where you put it.

They are printed in PETG which is a tough material with good UV and temperature stability so should last for years.

Some pics...




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